MAC 1102 Basic College Algebra

Florida State University

Prior to Fall 1998

Course Sequence:
Science Majors: MAC1102 (College Algebra)-MAC1140 (Precalculus) and MAC1113 (Trigonometry)-MAC2311 (Calculus I)
Business Majors: MAC1102 (College Algebra)-MAC1141 (Precalculus and Finite Math for Business)-MAC2233 (Business Calculus)
Liberal Arts Majors: MAC1102 (College Algebra)-MGF1207 (Finite Math)

Course Topics
Text: College Algebra, 7th ed., Lial, Hornsby, Schneider (Addison Wesley)
(1.3) Polynomials - Review only
(1.4) Factoring - Review only
1.5 Rational Expressions
1.6 Rational Exponents
1.7 Radicals
1.8 Complex Numbers
2.1 Linear Equations
2.2 Applications of Linear Equations
2.3 Quadratic Equations
2.4 Applications of Quadratic Equations
2.5 Other Types of Equations
2.7 Inequalities
2.8 Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities
3.1 Relations and Rectangular Coordinate System
3.2 Functions
3.3 Linear Functions
3.4 Equations of a Line
3.5 Graphing Relations and Functions
3.6 General Graphing Techniques
3.7 Algebra of Functions; Composite Functions
4.1 Quadratic Functions
5.1 Inverse Functions
5.2 Exponential Functions
5.3 Logarithmic Functions
5.4 Evaluating Logarithms
5.5 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
6.1 Linear Systems of Equations
6.8 Systems of Inequalities