Actuarial Opportunities with Millimans Denver Health Practice


Milliman is the country’s most prestigious actuarial consulting firm with offices worldwide.  Milliman is divided into four main practice areas: Health, Employee Benefits, Casualty and Life.  All of our practices are owned by the local Principals who manage them.  You can find out more about Milliman at


The Denver Health Practice of Milliman is a growing practice with a wide variety of niche practices, which means that we always have a broad range of work and challenges. Our work typically involves the analysis of the financial risks and projections associated with healthcare, as well as the management of healthcare.  We are almost always looking for intelligent and energetic actuarial interns and students.


The salary potential at the Denver Health Practice of Milliman is virtually unlimited because individuals are paid based upon their contribution to the organization.  We work closely with students to assist and support them in their attempts to pass actuarial exams.  Students receive generous raises for passing exams.  Students are also heavily involved as we stake out additional

areas of expertise.  Our goal in each of our expertise areas is to be recognized as one of the top consultants in each niche specialty.


If you are a student interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science, we have the following advice and opportunities for you:


Juniors and Graduate Students: We typically hire several summer interns each year.  To help students acquire actuarial experience prior to graduation, our internship program is intended for students who are on a break (i.e. spring, summer, fall or winter) from their current academic program, but who have not yet graduated. In addition to summer internship positions, we also employ interns on a part-time to full-time basis during the school year with flexible work schedules. Candidates who successfully complete our internship program may have an advantage when new student positions open up. We currently have openings for two interns.


Seniors and Graduate Students: We look for articulate students who have passed at least one actuarial exam (more if you have been attending an actuarial program) and who want a fast start to their career.  Our student program is intended for individuals who have graduated from their academic program, passed at least one SOA exam, and are ready to begin their actuarial career.


All Students: The time to start taking actuarial exams is now!  You should start by visiting the Society of Actuaries web site ( and understanding the exam process, topics and timing.


To apply, please forward your cover letter, resume, and other pertinent information to:


Sherri Norton, Practice Administrator, Milliman Denver Health Practice

1099 18th Street, Suite 3100, Denver, Colorado 802


For Interns: All applications for summer internships are due by October 31st and must include a cover letter, resume, expected graduation date, current SOA exam status, and approximate dates you would be available for an internship (i.e. mid-May to late August). Incomplete applications will not be considered or replied to.


After reviewing those applications received, we will select the candidates to be considered further and send requests for additional information to each candidate in early November. Candidate responses will each be reviewed by members of our staff between November and early January. We expect to conduct phone interviews by mid-February and make internship offers by early March.


We are committed to responding to every application regardless of our decision.  For internships during other times of the year, please apply at least three months in advance.


For Students: It is best to send your resume about four to six months before graduation.  It is also better to contact Milliman directly, in order to show your clear interest in our company, and to establish strong lines of communication. We do not accept entry-level candidate applications through recruiters. Our student recruitment process is similar to our intern recruitment process, but candidates are considered based on when applications are received rather than a fixed time schedule.