Some photos

We are there, just to the south of Caspian sea, YES, Iran.

Let me continue this page with Damavand, the 2nd highest volcano
of the Northern Hemisphere  and a myth in Persian Culture.
Its strong gravitational field has always attracted people to live around!


Damavand from Space (NASA Image). Notice its widespread shadow!

Damavand as it is seen from Haraz road (which connects Tehran to Mazandaran Province). Even clouds cannot stay higher ...


And, Mount Sabalan, another giant in Ardebil province, my hometown. I was born under the
wings of this eagle ...


Lahijan, Guilan province, Iran, June 2000.

Coca Cola Headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia, Summer 2003. I am ought to drink that tiny bottle of Coke :)

ASME International Conference, Washington DC, November 17, 2003.

Natural Beauties of Florida:Lake Jackson. Tallahassee, Florida, January 2004.

Main Campus of the Florida State University (founded in 1851). Tallahassee, Florida. January 2004

Harvard University. Cambridge, Massachusetts, March 23, 2004. Mohammad-Reza Alam (left) and I.