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Mathematics on the web

Serious developement of technology that allows one to place mathematics on the web so that the meaning of the formulae can be understood was started by the European Union research project "Editing and Computing" (1994-96) coordinated by M. Seppälä.

Relevant papers

Mika Seppälä: Advanced mathematics has changed technology, and now advanced technology changes mathematics.  In: Mathematical Glimpses into the 21st Century. Round Tables held at the Third European Congress of Mathematicians. Editors: C. Casacuberta et al. CIMNE, Barcelona 2001.

Bruno Buchberger, Round Table Discussion at the European Congress of Mathematicians, Barcelona, 2001: "Many mathematicians (in particular many of those who call themselves "pure") have a very limited view on the essence of the computational aspect of mathematics. This is not only in sharp contrast to the comprehensive view of mathematicians in earlier centuries but is also a serious obstacle to having mathematics accepted as the core technology for the present information and communication society." 

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