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Graduate Student Handbook

There is material in this Graduate Student Handbook (GSH), which we hope will help you stay on track as you progress. Both students intending only the MS, and those intending to go on for the PhD, will, during their first two years, want to monitor their progress with their graduate area director. You can locate your director's contact information here.

Graduate students are expected by their profs to master content --- familiarity is not enough and high grades in your graduate courses have a big payoff; you may even be exempt from having to write one or more Quals. You will want to monitor yourself so you make "timely progress" to degree goals: PhD students making timely progress are funded for five full years; MS-only intending students are not usually funded; students initially intending PhD but terminating with the MS are not funded beyond 2 years.

The departmental administrators (Chair, Associate Chairs, Directors) and staff are eager to help you succeed!

o Departmental Administration

o Faculty

o Staff

o Admission

o Financial Aid

o G.I.G. A description of the responsibilities of Teaching Assistants including links to the UFF-FSU-GAU contract. It is maintained by Dr. Penelope Kirby and is at a lightly protected site; the login is supplied to those who are TA/RA/Fellows in mathematics.

Doctoral and Master's Degree Area Information

   o Pure Mathematics

   o Applied and Computational Mathematics

   o Biomathematics

   o Financial Mathematics

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