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Gordon Erlebacher
Ph.D., Columbia University, USA, 1983

Contact Information
DSL 489
Office Hours
MWF 12-1pm
(850) 644-0186
(850) 644-0098

Research Interests
Numerical Analysis
Scientific Visualization

More Research Information

Courses Taught This Semester
This course describes numerical practical numerical algorithms to solve problems on modern computers. The following topics are discussed: notions of roundoff error, zeros of nonlinear functions, interpolation methods, differentiation, integration, and the solution to linear systems of equations. These techniques are exercised through programming assignments.
In this course, students are exposed to the latest visualization techniques applied to scientific data from the application sciences. An emphasis is placed on strategies to visualize scalar, vector and volumetric fields. Techniques for choosing parameters automatically for a good visual impression are also discussed.
The purpose of this course is to introduce students to more advanced topics in the calculus and some of their applications. The material in this course should be mastered before the student proceeds to courses for which it is a prerequisite.