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Mika Seppälä's Math Page

Mika Seppälä
Ph.D., University of Helsinki, Finland, 1978

Dr. Seppälä's original mathematical interest is in the study of Riemann surfaces, Algebraic curves, and their moduli spaces.

More recently Dr. Seppälä has developed learning analytics for Massive Open Online Courses like the ones offered by the mywepos.com service.

Fundamental concepts of Complex Analysis, such as quadratic differentials, Riemann surfaces, and their Jacobians, have surprising applications in building mathematical models for MOOCs.

This is a part of the US-Finnish Science Across Virtual Institutes collaboration supported by the NSF and by Finnish funding agencies.

Dr. Seppälä is the author of a Calculus MOOC.

He has published a large number of Calculus YouTube videos.

Contact Information
LOV 214A

Research Interests
Algebraic Geometry
Complex Analysis
Symbolic Computation
Learning Analytics

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