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Sergio Fenley
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Ph.D., Princeton University, USA, 1989

Detailed description of research

Low dimensional topology
I work with low dimensional topology/geometry and dynamical systems. My research involves foliations and flows (including singular foliations and flows) in 3-manifolds, as well as laminations in 3-manifolds. I am interested in the connections with the topology, geometry and large scale geometry of the manifold. Of particular interest to me is the case when the manifold is hyperbolic, for instance, with connection with the geometrization conjecture.
For example in a foliation in a hyperbolic 3-manifold there is great interest in the best geometric property of its leaves. One crucial question is: do the leaves exhibit good asymptotic behavior? Similarly for flows.
Another interest is in laminations in 3-manifolds. Essential laminations are extremely useful for the topology of the manifold and there is great interest in determining exactly which manifolds have essential laminations.