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Philip L. Bowers
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Dwight B. Goodner Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., University of Tennessee, USA, 1983

Detailed description of research

I was trained as a topologist, but have moved more and more into geometry and complex analysis and have started dabbling in some applications of mathematics. My continuing interests are
  • Discrete conformal geometry: conformal tilings; circle packings on riemann surfaces; discrete analytic functions; the type problem for graphs; piecewise flat surfaces and their conformal types; Grothendieck dessins d'enfants;
  • Geometric group theory: negatively curved, automatic, and CAT(0)-groups; boundaries of groups; metric geometry;
  • Classical complex analysis: the Koebe uniformization problem;
  • Applications: discrete conformal flattenings; numerical uniformizations of riemann surfaces and piecewise flat surfaces; flat anatomical mappings;
  • Quantum: quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, quantum computing.