Mathematical Research at FSU

Applied Analysis

Dr. Lee's research focuses on design, analysis, and implementation of numerical methods for partial differential equations. He is interested in solving Navier-Stokes equations and analyses and computations of newly developed 'enriched Galerkin' approximation methods for coupling flow and transport for complexed fluid in porous media by employing adaptive mesh refinement.

Dr. Muslimani and collaborators solve free surface flow problems in fluid mechanics and solve problems in optics. Dr. Muslimani studies nonlinear wave solutions for the inviscid Euler equations with a deforming free boundary and he studies the nonlinear wave solutions that arise from the nonlinear Schrodinger equation. His research is applied to the fields of fiber optics and cloaking.

Dr. Wang and collaborators solve problems in fluid dynamics and geophysical fluid dynamics. Dr. Wang studies solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations as applied to nonlinear pipe flow and he studies solutions to the Stokes-Darcy system of equations with application to flow in Karst aquifers.

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