Mathematical Research at FSU


Dr. Bertram and collaborators work in the development and analysis of mathematical models of Pancreatic beta-cell activity as well as potential methods for islet syncrhonization. This research is important in studying about diabetes. Also Dr. Bertram develops models for Hypothalamic control of hormone secretion, electrical impulses in nerve cells, and neural network controlling of bird song.

Dr. Hurdal's research involves investigating, modelling and visualizing information related to the way the human brain functions. Sources of data include (but are not limited to) MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans and EEG (electroencephalography) data.

Dr. Cogan's research primarily focuses on understanding clinically or industrial relevant diseases. These include Pierce's disease that strikes grapevines, the bone infection osteomyelitis, plaque formation associated with Alzheimer's disease and others. His group looks for treatment protocols as well as more basic questions regarding the dynamics of the disease. His core models typically consist of highly nonlinear, spatially dependent, dynamical equations (partial differential equation).

Dr. Mesterton-Gibbons develops mathematical models for understanding animal behavior and social structure.

Dr. Jain develops models of the spread of cancer and strategies for cancer therapy.

Dr. Moore's research focuses on modeling fluid flows that are encountered in geophysics and biology. He uses both analytical and numerical methods to develop new models, and, as the ultimate test of a mathematical theory, he collaborates with experimentalists to compare his results to the real world.

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