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o Algebra Through Calculus Real Time Online Courses Students can interact with the instructor as the lessons are taking place. Lessons are also archived for future viewing.
o Art of Problem Solving The Art of Problem Solving is the premier math education website for top young problem solvers around the world. Thousands of students and teachers post in the free forum area. Other resources include free articles and classes.
o Bentec Services Limited contains information and free software concerninghyperaspheric optical design
o Berkeley Museum of Paleontology Public Exhibits
o Brainormous This site offers fun, award winning educational games and interactives focused primarily on Math. Some of the games are free to play online, but there are demos as well that are very useful even in demo mode. It also has a few games and things thrown in that are just for fun as well.
o Chegg Homework Help Chegg is committed to making education more affordable for students by helping them save up to $500/year on textbooks and etextbooks, but more than that, we also offer homework help, course management and a number of other helpful student-related tools. We have even planted over 5 million trees with our Chegg for Good program!
o Discovering Polygons and Polyhedra Attractive interactive introduction to the polygons and polyhedra with many diagrams and applets.
o Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
o EDUSS Eduss is an international software company specializing in k-12 math and english cirriculum with home and/or school applications for gap analysis, assessing and tutoring back to grade level and beyond.
o Exploring Fractions with Astronomy Learn about the basics offractions by playing games like Zodiac Pie and solving constellationdot-to-dot puzzles.
o Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Canada
o From Stargazers to Starships
o Geometry Step by Step from the Land of the Incas It provides an eclectic mix of sound, science, and Incan history intended to interest students in Euclidean geometry. Recent additions include Simson Line (proof of Simson line), The Raft of the Medusa (problem solving with fractals and animation), Archimedes and the Rhombicuboctahedron (Archimedes the Geometer), Sierpinski Triangle and Machu Picchu (fractal illustration), Johnson's Theorem (three equal circles pass through a common point), Varignon and Wittenbauer Paralellograms (quadrilateral: midpoints and trisection points of the edges) and Van Aubel's Theorem (quadrilateral with squares).
o Graph Mole at FunBasedLearning Free fun online Algebra and Chemistry games. Learn how to balance chemical equations with Classic Chembalancer. Learn how to plot (x,y) points on the coordinate plane with Graph Mole. Can you whack the mole before he eats all the vegetables?
o HartMath v0.5 alpha Free experimental computer algebra applet writtenin Java 1.1. People who are interested in Java programming and computeralgebra can join the project.
o Honolulu Community College Dinosaur Exhibit
o Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles The site is a collection of K16 topics drawn from arithmetic, algebra, geometry, logic, probability, calculus, social sciences, combinatorics and games. More than 560 interactive Java illustration entertain and help grasp the math concepts.
o Le Centre de Calcul Interuniversitaire de Toulouse French site
o Math for GRE Exam, Math for GMAT Test , Sample GRE Math Test www.grois.com - Math for GRE Test Preparation, Math for GMAT Test Preparation. This site provides a lot of practice material,improve significantly your test score.
o Math Warehouse A site with interactive math applications and visual lessons. Topics cover much of the typical high school Geometry and Algebra topics. In particular, I have had great success with my own students using the following web pages www.mathwarehouse.com/triangle as well as all the pages listed at www.mathwarehouse.com/interactive/index.php.
o Math worksheets and games for K-7 Provides educational games and worksheets for preschool to 7th grade topics.
o MathSciNet
o Matrix ActiveX Component Matrix ActiveX Component is an object oriented library for matrix algebra. Supports matrix operations, LU, QR, SVD, Cholesky decompositions, eigenvalues and eigenvectors for symmetric and non symmetric matrices.
o Metric conversion Online units and measurements conversion. Online calculators for metric conversion, conversion tables for both commonly used and very exotic units.
o Nasa and other Space information
o Numerical library for C# and VB.NET complex numbers, linear algebra, numerical integration, interpolation, solving equations, special functions for the Microsoft .NET Framework.
o Online Graphing Calculator Live online graphing calculator with automatically optimized viewing window plus step-by-step details to help answer any graphing questions. Get solutions; prepare for tests. Calculus results include determining derivatives and finding local maxima, minima, points of inflection, and more. Pre-calculus results include intercepts, domain, range, symmetry, holes, and asymptotes. Solve any graphing problems; test your understanding with randomly generated graphing exercises.
o Online Math Education Site about education in mathematics where you can find many math formulas and ask the teacher.
o Phaser Scientific Software Phaser - A Universal Simulator for Analyzing Dynamical Systems on a Computer
o Physics Concept Map, Programmable Graphically showsthe defining relationships of hundreds of physics terms
o Plot Explorer Plotx is a free program for graphing 2d and 3d plots. It uses OpenGL to graph 3d surfaces of functions of two variables.
o Plot3d 3d graphing of function of two variables
o Polyhedra Jim Morey at University of Western Ontario in Canada made an interesting java tool called Archimedian Kaleidoscope and Archimedean confection for manipulating polyhedra.
o Portney's Ponderables Features the Earthshapes, Brain Games, andTime Tunnel, which are activities related to math, science, and navigation
o Prix Institut Henri Poincaré / Gauthier-Villars Information on three prizes of 10,000 French francs for articles publishedin the Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré,in the year preceding the award, annually since 1995.
o Quant Equation Archive at SITMO The Quant Equation Archive is a community project to share and organize quantitative financial equations for financial engineers.
o Real Estate Calculators A collection of different real estate calculators.
o Serban E. Vlad Home Page papers in asynchronous circuits and binary valuedmathematics
o SpaceTime Mathematics SpaceTime 3.0 by SpaceTime Mathematics is a revolution in mathematics software with 2D, 3D, and 4D graphing with MobileCAS Technology for computer algebra and calculus.
o SpaceTime Mobile Mathematics software for mobile devices.
o Statistics - Econometrics - Forecasting scientific resources about statistics, distributions, econometrics and time series analysis
o Structured 8 x 8 Franklin Squares The fifteen structures of the 1105920 Franklin Squares
o The Virtual Hospital
o The WWW Virtual Library: Mathematics
o ToolChest Software - Vector Analysis Tools Multimedia educational software for high school, college and university physics and mathematics courses. Advanced vector and physics calculators with study aids for the classroom or home.
o U.S. Savings Bonds Online Offers definitions and games tohelp understand savings bonds, plus a free, four lesson curriculumsupplement for grades 7-9.
o University of California Museum of Paleontology
o USA Mathematical Talent Search The USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS) is a free mathematics competition open to all United States middle and high school students. Thousands of bright students have participated over the 16 year history of this mail-in contest.
o Visual Automata Simulator A tool for simulating, visualizing and transforming finite state automata and Turing Machines
o Visual Math Learning A Free Online Interactive Math Tutorial. For middle-school age students, parents, educators. Pre-algebra level - free access requires no registration.