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o 3D Grapher Plot and animate 2D and 3D equation and table-based graphs withease
o 3D-Filmstrip Aide in visualization of mathematical objects and processes, for Macintosh
o A Numberical Library in C for Scientists and Engineers Book and disk
o ABACUS - Back to Basics
o ACE - Algebraic Combinatorics Environment for the computer algebra systemMaple. Includes tools to handle a variety of combinatorial structures
o Advanced Grapher a powerful and easy-to-use graphing, curve fitting, and calculating software
o Advanced Scientific Library
o AIMMS an all-round development environment for decision support applications
o ALBERT An adaptive hierarchical finite element toolbox
o Algae programming language , free, high-level, interpreted language fornumerical analysis
o Algebrator a computer algebra system specifically designed to teachpre-college algebra
o alphaWorks tools from IBM that use the principles of statistics anddata mining in tandem: Internet Sales Predictor, CViz, Interactive Miner,and Profile Miner
o Analyse-It statistical software add-in for Microsoft Excel
o Artlandia Mathematica-based software for creating mathematical andalgorithmic art
o AssiStat statistical software, automatedcalculation of 80 formulas useful in educational and psychologicalresearch, and in measurement and statistics courses (Windows)
o Astroketle Algorithms: Modeling and Simulation decision of 2D and 3Drectangle cutting, packing and limited resource scheduling optimization,plus algoritm and custom solvers development
o Autograph a dynamic graphing facility for coordinate geometry, vectors,graphs, differential equations, transformations, probablity and statistics.
o Bentec Services free hyperaspheric (and aspheric) optical sofwaredescribing non-spherical wavefront transformation lenses and mirrors.
o Boxermath.com
o Brain Builder - Math Edition 500+ million math puzzles in a multimedia format. 20+ levels of challenge
o British Computer Colleges Our site is home to Applets that allow graphing functions in Cartesian plane, graphing Polar Curves, Computing Area under a curve in Cartesian plane. We have other applets in work that include Graphing paramteric curves, computing area under and between polar curves, computing probabilities for upto 3 dice (fair or loaded) All these applets will be converted to desktop applications so users can download and install them on their systems. Currently the Graphing in Cartesian plane tool is available in this format as well
o C++ Simulators of Turing and Post Machines The C++ programs simulate: * Nondeterministic/Deterministic Multitape Turing Machine; * Nondeterministic/Deterministic Multitape Post Machines; * Universal Turing Machine; * Turing Machine with faults, failures and recovery.
o Calc3D a free vector, matrices, and complex number calculator
o Calculator.org resources including online and downloadable calculators
o Calculators Calculators written in Java and Javascript. Complex numbers,factorization, quadratic diophantine equation solver, and more.
o Calculus&Mathematica
o Calipso (Linear Algebra, Linear Programming, Differential Equations)
o CARTESIO educational computer graphics program
o CCCnet classroom projects for K-12
o Center for Educational Technology Collection of software, with demosavailable
o Ch an embeddable C interpreter/compiler for C/C++ software developers
o Chaos Analyzer plots a spectral diagram of the phase space of adynamical system...
o CLICAL , a calculator-type computer program for vectors, complex numbers, quaternions, bivectors, spinors, and multivectors in Clifford algebras
o Clifford a Maple V 5.1 package for computations with Clifford algebras
o CMAP a comprehensive, compact environment for numerical computation,graphics, and rapid development of computational software
o Color Mathematics Math software does algebra, geometry, vectors.Includes graphic calculator, equation solver, and more
o Complex Visualizer Java applet I programmed and published under GNU general public licence. You can visualize arbitrary complex functions and help user to see how the complex plane deforms under the mapping.
o ComputeL PARI package to compute special values of motivic L-functions
o Computer Algebra Information Network
o CPLEX Optimization
o CUTE (Constrained and Unconstrained Testing Environnement)
o Dash makers of XPRESS-MP, a linear and integer programming optimization software
o DataFit nonlinear regression (curve fitting) and data plotting software
o DC Proof Online Freeware. A new learning aid to teach the fundamentals of logic and proof. User constructs formal proofs by selecting axioms, rules of inference, etc. from convenient, pull-down menus. Feedback is immediate. Errors in logic impossible. Tutorial includes exercises with hints and full solutions.
o Decision Tree for Optimization Software
o Dino Numbers Windows arithmetic practice for ages 7-12 (DynoTech Software)
o Discovery Educational Software CD-ROMS for pre-school, K-12, highschool, free downloads
o DLK Math Page offers a range of software to help teachers raise standardsin mathematics that combines high quality with low cost
o Dragoric An interactive animated version of the Curlicue Fractal.
o Dynamic Photorealistic Graphing (DPGraph) 2000 powerful 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and 7D graphing program, optimized for the Internet.
o E-NoteBooks publishers and resellers of Mathematica and MATLAB add-ons, applications, packages, and toolboxes
o Easy-Fit interactive data fitting in dynamical systems (ODE's, DAE's, PDE's)
o Efofex publication tools for math and science teachers, including a freedrawing program
o Equation Editor by MGCSoft. Equation and graphical editing software withvector and picture capabilities
o Equation Grapher function plotting/analyzing program
o Equation Server for .NET Equation rendering engine. Supporting subset of MathML and LaTeX.
o FinLib 1.1 library of 70 financial calculationsroutines for Basic (VB and QB)
o funmaths Download arcade-style educational computergames, for math at high school levels. Teacher designed, tested and approved.
o Future School program available on CD-ROMs or network servers, coversGeometry, Algebra, Spelling, Fractions and more.
o GAMS : Guide to Available Math Software
o Geogebra GeoGebra is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus. It received several international awards including the European and German educational software awards.
o Geometria An interactive standalone Java program in solid geometry.
o Geometrica a Mathematica application for exact drawing and geometry
o Geometry Expressions. The world's first interactive symbolic geometry program. You sketch the geometry, Geometry Expressions creates the Algebra.
o Geomview is an interactive 3D viewing program for Unix.
o GiNaC a free C++ library that brings Computer Algebra System (CAS) capabilities directly into C++, distributed under GNU GPL.
o Global Optimization a Mathematica package which provides a suite of tools for solving nonlinear optimization problems, finding roots of non-analytic functions, and more
o GrafEq an intuitive, flexible, precise and robust program for producing graphs of implicit relations
o GRaph INterface (GRIN) a graph theory program for use with Win9X/NT thatyou can use to create, edit, print and explore graphs, and more.
o Graphing Calculator 2.0 2D & 3D math visualization for Windows and Macintosh. This is the second version of the graphing calculator bundled onPowerPC Macs
o Graphis visualisation tool for 2D and 3D data
o GraphPlus a graphing calculator for Windows, free for students
o Handygraph software enables you to put axes and blank graphs intoMicrosoft Word documents.
o Harmonic Software Inc.
o Hartmath (Computer Algebra Java Applet) Free experimental computer algebra applet written in Java 1.1. People who are interested in Java programming and computer algebra can join the project.
o HiDigit Scientific calculator for Windows
o Howe-Two Software over 50 applications
o Imaging Raytracer
o Indiana University Center for Statistical and Mathematical Computing
o Infinity Innovative non-linear math software for high precision calculations.
o IntegerZone free java applet that helps in learning arithmetic and number theory
o Iode Tool to help Illustration differential equations.
o IOSO NS 1.3 powerful tool for nonlinear constrained optimization.
o JavaView is a numerical software library with special focus on problems in differential geometry.
o KANT , a tool for sophisticated computations in number fields and in global function fields
o KnotPlot
o LaplaceAndzTransforms Mathematica code that can compute Laplace transforms, inverse Laplace transforms, z-transforms and inverse z-transforms
o Leading Market Technologies
o Learning in Motion (software for K-12 education)
o levmar: Levenberg-Marquardt non-linear least squares algorithms in C/C++ GPL package containing four flavors of the Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least squares algorithm. The package is written in C, it's also usable from C++ and includes double and single precision LM implementations, both with analytic and finite difference approximated jacobians.
o LiDIA powerful C++ library for computationalnumber theory which provides a collection ofhighly optimized implementations of variousmultiprecision data types and algorithms
o LINDO Systems
o LiveMath computer algebra and graphing system
o Macaulay2
o Macsyma
o Magma
o Magnus intuitive, graphically driven system for exploring abstract groups
o Maplesoft: Math software is a leading developer of interactive mathematical software.
o MarcoPolo web sites to offer educators no-cost, high quality, standards-based Internet content for the K-12
o Math Kernel Library
o Math Mechanixs Math Software An easy to use math software and graphing calculator program that allows the user to compose full color 2D & 3D graphs and so much more.
o Math Toolkit CD-ROM Contains mathematical programs and other software
o Math Tools for Professionals Maple and Mathematica packages for calculations in modern differential geometry and approximation theory.
o MathAssist
o MathBOTs 3D point of view perspective game to learn math facts for gradesK-6
o MathEditor a WYSIWYG MathML Equation Editor
o MathEduSoft makers of Advantix Calculator, an integrated graphical,complex, matrix, polynomial, rational function, binary and logic calculator.
o Mathematica lets you work with most of the basic stuctures in AbstractAlgebra. Free download of packages and documentation.
o MathGL3d Interactive 3d visualiztion system for Mathematica.
o MathGL3d Interactive 3d visualiztion system for Mathematica.
o MathGrapher Mathematical graphing tool for 2D and 3D functions and data. Includes nonlinear curve fitting and integration of coupled ordinary differential equations. Study chaos in dynamical systems.
o MathGroup The Email Group for Mathematica Users
o MathPad
o MathPoint a software company producing mathematical libraries inActiveX and Java.
o Mathsay-math software for student and teacher Recommend Mathsay. It is powerful mathematical software. It analyze and calculate in graph, and is helpful in learning function,analytic geometry, vector, solid geometry and preliminary infinitesimal calculus.
o Mathscribe Free dynamic graphing, modeling, solving, formula editing, etc. Software and lesson plans for algebra.
o MathSoft (Producers of Mathcad)
o MathSoL more than 1500 Java or JavaScript tools whichallow solving various mathematical problems related to science and engineering
o MathTensor a Mathematica-based package for performing tensor analysis by computer
o MathTools Matlab to C++ Compiler and C++ Matrix Class Library
o MathType , powerful, full-featured version of the Equation Editor included in Microsoft Word
o MathViews
o MathWorks Home Page (Producers of MATLAB)
o MathXpert offers algebra, pre-calculus, and calculus productsfor download.
o Maxima - A GPL CAS (based on DOE-MACSYMA) Computer algebra system with 2D/3D graphing. Free, GPL.
o Maximal Software Developers of software for building mathematicaloptimization models, free student versions available.
o Microgeometry a solid geometry volume and surface area calculationutility for your PalmOS PDA
o Miscellaneous Mathematical Utilities On-line mathematical utilities for students, engineers, and scientists.
o ModelMaker diverse modelling software package that uses click drag drop facilities to form simple to complex models
o Moogie Math drill and diagnostic software for 4th, 6th, 8th,9th, and 10th grade math remediation.
o Morphology for Java Advanced Imaging A toolbox of operators frommathematical morphology is available for the Java Advanced Imaging framework.
o Morphology Toolbox for MATLAB 5 Mathematical Morphology for ImageSegmentation and Analysis. Free 45-day download. On-line manual anddemonstrations.
o MultiSimplex , software for sequential experimental design and optimization
o MuPAD (Multi Processing Algebra Data Tool)
o NEOS Guide
o NEOS Server
o New FAWM Creations Graphing software which shows values of intercepts,points of intersection, turning points, etc.
o NonEuclid software simulation offering straightedge and compass constructions in hyperbolic geometry
o NTL A C++ library for doing Number Theory
o Numeracy Software is a site for teachers which has free resources to support math teaching, including lots of free software to download.
o Numerics for RAD Object oriented numerical library for Delphi.Supports latest CPU architectures, interfaces LAPACK
o Numerit develop numerical-computation programs and create publication-quality mathematical documents
o O-Matrix A Matlab-compatible high-performance interactive analysis and visualization environment.
o Optimization Software Guide
o Origin Data Analysis andTechnical Graphics Software for Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0
o PDEase2D
o PEST: Parameter Estimation for Any Model
o PG Calculator a powerful, skinable, scientific calculator
o Phaser Scientific Software A Universal Simulator For Dynamical Systems
o PIOLOGIE C++ library for arbitraryprecision arithmetic, operating on natural, integer and rational numbers
o pLab object oriented system for generating and testing random numbers
o Polar 3.3 for Windows Electrochemical Simulation And Data Analysis
o Professor Weissman's Software Free evaluation downloads of software forDOS/windows 3.1/windows 95, for algebra, precalculus, and statistics.
o Prognosis business software that uses artificial intelligence andpowerful statistical methodology to achieve high forecasting accuracy.
o ProMath adds 240 math, statistical, physics and engineering routines to Basic
o QNAT analytical tool for solving queueing networks using Mathematica as the computing platform (for Windows 95)
o QTS Software A collection of spreadsheet workbooks (Excel andQuattro Pro) that analyze a wide range of queueing models.
o Qualitative Differential Equations Software DOS software that can graphically plot ODE's
o REDUCE Computer Algebra System
o RF21.EXE Homepage freeware-application that lets you create your own libraries
o RICHplot v1.1 , Java applet which plots mathematical functions directly from a Web Page
o Rthree - 3d math modelling tool Rthree - supreme science math modelling and computing tool. 2d/3d plotter with many other features
o sbParser-SDK 3.5 for Win32 HANDLE+ActiveX useful for fast calculations,can solve mathematical functions of any length
o Schur An Interactive Program For Calculating Properties Of Lie Groups and Symmetric Functions
o Scientific Notebook A tool for writing and doing mathematics in an interactive environment
o Scientific Web
o Scilab scientific software package for numerical computations in a user-friendly environment
o Singular A Computer Algebra System for Polynomial Computations
o SliderMath Source for SLIDERMATH EQUATIONS: providing a rewarding, interactive, and sequenced introduction to, and review of, linear equations.
o SmartSolver An advanced computational engine for differential equations
o SMILE Mathematics Software and printed math resources aimed at students aged 8-11
o Soft Warehouse Makers of DERIVE
o Solutions: A powerful symbolic math software
o Songzi's Math Page mathematics programs written in JavaScript
o SpaceTime Mobile It's like Mathematica for Pocket PCs only with an easier 3D graphing interface. It's a calculator that has it's own computer algebra system and can do really cool 3D graphs that can include a time variable.
o SpeQ Mathematics SpeQ is a small, extensive mathematics program with a simple, intuitive interface. All calculations are entered in a sheet. In there you can freely add, edit and execute all calculations. You can define variables and functions, and plot graphs of your functions. You can save your calculations for later re-use.
o Stata statistical software for use by research professionals on Windows or Macintosh
o Statistics and Forecasting Software
o StatSoft Statistical package
o SureMath powerful, easy-to-use problem solving and graphing software
o surf tool to visualize real algebraic geometry
o SymbMath A Computer Algebra System with Learning.
o SymbMath 3.4 Symbolic Math Computer Algebra System
o SymmetryWorks an Adobe Illustrator plug-in that lets you easily create andinteractively edit symmetrical patterns and designs
o TCI Software Research
o techexplorer Hypermedia Browser plug-in for Netscape and IE allowing viewing of TeX/LaTeX and MathML documents, from IBM.
o That Quiz Free test creation, online administration and grading service for teachers, with practice tests for students. Offers arithmetic, fraction, geometry and multiple choice testing.
o The Adding Machine Virtual adding machine (printing calculator) for Windows
o The Geometer's Sketchpad (Mac and Windows)
o The MATLAB Gallery
o The MLAB Mathematical and Statistical Modeling System
o The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
o The Trig Explorer
o The Wizard Test Maker produces math tests from database of questions or create your own.
o TK Solver equation-solving rule based programming language
o tkmatrix Education GPL Linux Software for matrix computation
o Tools of Tensor Calculus
o TransMATH computer-based math tutor
o Trigonometry Challenge Numerical trigonometry teaching aid
o UBASIC an easy to use high precision program with built in features for factoring, gcd, etc. using BASIC
o UCALC math program
o Understanding Math Programs for Grades 6 - 10 on Macintosh and Windows
o University of Arizona: Mathematical Software development research-relatedand instructional software mostly relating to dynamical systems
o VECFEM program package
o Visia Math French software, shareware version available
o Visual Math For Java Online symbolic math and Computer Algebra System
o VisualMethodos graphs functions and performsinterpolation, approximation, integration anddifferential equations
o Waldos Interactive Math Site
o Watson Sparse Matrix Package (WSMP) software for the direct solution ofgeneral and symmetric sparse linear systems on IBM RS6000 and SP platforms.
o Wheatworks Software Wheatworks Software, LLC has made financial math easy since 1997 with financial calculators for consumers, real estate, mortgage and financial professionals.
o WinGULF linear and linear-fractional programming package forWindows, developed especially for educational purposes
o Wolfram Research (Developers of Mathematica)
o Xlisp-Stat Archive
o xlSTAT statistical add-in package for Microsoft Excel
o XLStatistics enhanced set of Microsoft Excel workbooks for statistical analysis of data
o ZomeCAD ZomeCAD is a free program that simulates the zometool manipulatives. Students can enjoy learning about 2D and 3D geometry by interactively creating and viewing models with the program.
o ZunZun.com Curve and surface fit 2D and 3D data online