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o Numerical Analysis (7)
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o Alan Waldron's Homepage Theories dealing with Communist andDemocratic income differences
o Algebraic Number Theory Archives
o Algebraic Topology Discussion List
o Application-oriented Algorithmic Mathematics (Mathematical Software NetLib, Reduce Network Library, CodeLib,A-Digest for Numerical Analysis, Opt-Net Digest for Mathematical Optimization, Information from SIG Computeralgebra and Opt-Net...)
o Applied Management Science: Making Good Decisions contains notes and links on the methodology of management science,optimization, linear programming, decision analysis and formulationof network problems
o Aynchronous Automata, Circuits, and Binary Mathematics List of publications by Serban E. Vlad
o Calculations for Engineering Spanish site containing notes, relations ofproblems and examinations
o Category Theory Home Page
o Center for Geometry Analysis Numerics and Graphics at UMass Amherst
o Center for the Mathematics of Waves at the University of Delaware.This center features computational electromagnetics, wave-structureinteractions and inverse problems.
o Centre for Experimental & Constructive Mathematics ( Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia )
o Complex Analysis Mathematica 4.0 Notebooks
o Complex systems
o Computational and Stochastic Transportation Logistics Engineering
o Control and System Group controller design group in Turkey
o Counterexamples to theorems published and proved in recent literature on Clifford algebras, spinors, spin groups and the exterior algebra
o Cryptography archive
o Diamond Theory Group actions on a figure from Plato's Meno dialogue,and generalizations, throw new light on a number of topics in finite grouptheory, finite geometry, and combinatorics.
o Discrete Event Systems Simulation: The Shortest Distance from Learning toApplications provides modelling tools for simulating complex man-madesystems
o Domingo Gómez Morin Homepage Roots solving, Rational Mean Definition + Evaluation, Continued fractions
o Dynamical Systems
o Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
o Entropy on the World Wide Web
o Equidistant Letter Sequences
o Erdos number project on mathematical collaboration
o Favorite Mathematical Constants
o Fermat's Last Theorem
o FFT (and related) code + huge floats
o Fine Structure Constant, alpha Solution to a 20th century mystery.
o Fixed Point Theory
o Four Colour Theorem A new proof of the four colour theorem that usesgroup theory and Steiner systems.
o Fractals
o Function and Differentiation Symmetry English translation alongwith original in Russian
o Geometric Group Theory
o Geometry Center in the University of Minnesota.
o Geometry Forum at Swarthmore College
o Geometry in Action-Applications of Discrete and Computational Geometry
o Group Pub Forum Home Page homepage for a Group Theory mailing list
o Harmonic Analysis Homepages, conferences, and links of interest
o History of Mathematics (I)
o History of Mathematics (II)
o In Defense of Mr. Fermat Elementary attack on Fermat's Last Theorem
o Indiana University Logic Group
o Information concerning online math resources.
o INFORMS Online Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
o International Clifford Algebra Society hypercomplex mathematics, and physical applications
o International Journal of Analytical and Experimental Modal Analysis
o Introductiojn to the Mandelbrot set
o K-Theory Preprint Archives
o Knight's Tour Notes related to Hamiltonian tours in graph theory
o Krawtchouk Polynomials Home Page polynomials properties, applications,bibliography, and Krawtchouk's biography
o Laboratoire de Combinatoire et d'Informatique Mathematique
o Largest Known Primes
o Lifesmith Classic Fractals Large online gallery of fractal art
o Linear Programming FAQ
o Macdonald Polynomials
o Mathematical Induction Contains uncommon mathematical induction problems,most closely connected with number theory.
o Mathematical Programming Glossary
o Mathematical Quotations
o Michael Trick's Operations Research Page
o Modelling Computer assisted 3D structure modeling. Computationalanalysis of Random Close Packings (RCP) using radical polyhedra andDelaunay triangulation.
o Multidimensional Analysis
o Nonlinear Dynamics and Topological Time Series Analysis Archive
o Nonlinear Programming FAQ
o Number Theory Web
o Official Torah Codes
o Open Problems on Perfect Graphs A collection of unsolved problems onperfect graphs
o Operations Research and Management Science
o Operator Algebra Resources
o Page of the "Time Traveler" some non-traditional primality tests, andmore
o Pi, Pi, Pi
o Polyhedra
o Primitive Potentials and Newton's Laws from Symmetry The symmetry offunction and differentiation symmetric.
o Quantum Future
o Quantum Lie algebra
o Random Number Generation and Stochastic Simulation
o Real Analysis
o Semigroup Theory
o Set Theory Page
o Seville Game Theory Group
o Symbolic Computation Applications
o Systems Analysis Laboratory
o Systems and Control Archive at Dallas
o The Counterexamples in Functional Analysis Homepage provides a collection of new and classic examples in functional analysis and operator theory
o The European Singularities Network Archive
o The Field Arithmetic Archive
o The METRIC Project Research on the uses of technology in undergraduate mathematics
o The REDUCE Computer Algebra system
o The Valuation Theory Home Page preprints, bibliography, openproblems, addresses, events, history, links
o The Visual Math Institute
o Topology Atlas
o Unification of System of Linear Equations, Matrix Inversion, and LinearProgramming
o UTK Mathematical Life Sciences Archives
o Visual Mathematical Physics Animated illustrations to the solutions ofmain partial differential equations of the second order
o Walker's Equation
o Wavelets
o Yves Gallot's Proth.exe and Cunningham Chains collection of interestingCunningham chains plus how to find some with Yves Gallot's Proth.exe