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o AllStat Archives including a list of peoplesubscribed to the AllStat mailing list. This document can be searched for asurname using your browser's "search" or "find in current" feature once youhave called up the page.
o Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland
o Business Statistics: Revealing Facts From Figures collection of resources on various topics in business statistics coursefor MBA students
o Center for Statistical and Mathematical Computing Indiana University , Bloomington
o CHANCE: Probability or Statistics course information
o Conversion of Model I Regression to Model II Regression Two papers, with examples, that explain the relationship between modelI and model II regression
o Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Memorial University, St. John's, NF, Canada
o Durham maths gopher Statistics directory
o Statistical Data Analysis: Prove It with Data collection of resources on various topics in statistical data analysis
o Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge
o StatLib Server Carnegie Mellon University, USA. The main statistics archive, as far as I can tell.
o The Center for Statistical Consultation and Research The University ofMichigan at Ann Arbor
o The Florida State University Department of Statistics homepage.
o VassarStats:Web Site for Statistical Computation useful and user-friendly tool forperforming basic statistical computation.