Quantum cohomology at the Mittag-Leffler Institute

Paolo Aluffi (ed.)

These are transcripts of notes taken at (some of the) lectures given by the mentioned speakers at the Mittag-Leffler institute during the first semester of the 1996/97 year on Enumerative geometry and its interaction with theoretical physics.

The first part of this collection consists of notes from talks on the basics of quantum cohomology, as developed in [F-P]. These talks formed the main body of the Tuesday seminar series at the Institute. The second part treats more advanced topics in quantum cohomology, which were primarily addressed in the Thursday seminar series. The third part consists of background material and related topics and contains material from both of these two series. An appendix, kindly provided by A. Kresch, gives a description of his C-program farsta for quantum cohomology computations.

Clicking on `ps' will download the full (gz-compressed) 1.5 MByte set of the notes. `ps1', `ps2', `ps3' link to separate postscripts for the three parts, formatted two-pages-per-sheet (thanks to mpage). Please send corrections and comments to aluffi@math.fsu.edu