Two phase flows in karstic geometry

Daozhi Han, Dong Sun, Xiaoming Wang

Multiphase flow phenomena are ubiquitous. Common examples include coupled atmosphere and ocean system (air and water), oil reservoir (water, oil and gas), cloud and fog (water vapor, water and air). Multiphase flows also play an important role in many engineering and environmental science applications. In some applications such as flow in unconfined karst aquifers, karst oil reservoir, proton membrane exchange fuel cell, multiphase flow in conduits and in porous media must be considered together. Geometric configurations that contain both conduit (or vug) and porous media are termed karstic geometry. Despite the importance of the subject, little work has been done on multi-phase flows in karstic geometry. In this paper we present a family of phase field (diffusive interface) models for two phase flow in karstic geometry. These models together with the associated interface boundary conditions are derived utilizing Onsager's extremum principle. The models derived enjoy physically important energy laws. Uniquely solvable first and second order in time numerical schemes that preserve the associated energy law are presented as well.