Paolo Aluffi

Paolo Aluffi

Department of Mathematics
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 30301

lastname at math dot fsu dot edu

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Wakulla Springs

I am `Distinguished Research Professor' of mathematics at Florida State University. I was the first Marion Bradley Brennan Professor in the department. I am also a frequent visitor of Caltech, and one of the managing editors of the Journal of Singularities, a publication of the Worldwide Center of Mathematics.
My research is in Algebraic Geometry. This is my mathematical lineage, according to the Mathematics Genealogy Project. Here is some recent work:

I have written two introductory textbooks in abstract algebra: Algebra: Chapter 0 and Algebra: Notes from the Underground. There are truckloads of typos and more serious mistakes in both texts.

Matilde's Trittico (1996):