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Financial Markets Properties   Statistics,   Behavior,   Patterns,   Inefficiencies,   etc.

Machine Learning   Neural Networks,   Support Vector Machines,   Pattern recognition,   etc.


Articles & Publications

Finance and Mathematics

 (work in progress)

Physics (earlier research)

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 74, 104504 (2006)

JETP Letters, Vol. 82, No. 2, pp. 93-95 (2005)


Other Research Activities at FSU

Candidacy Exam (Aug 2012): "Machine Learning: Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine applications to Financial Math problems"

Poster 2012 for Financial Math Festival


Courses Tought

(Spring 2013, FSU)   Instructor for PreCalculus MAC1140 - 23

(2011-2013, FSU) TA for Business Calculus, College Algebra, Discrete Math I, Liberal Arts Math, PreCalculus

(2007-2010, UW-Madison) TA for Investments, Intorduction to Finance (Corporate Finance)



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Proud alumni of
(BS, MS) Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, DGAP"
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Business School
(MS) Florida State University, Financial Math program

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