3D views of some optimal log cutting patterns

Problem Statement: Given a log find the "best way" to cut it up into boards. The first cut determines the vertical cant stack of 2x4's and perhaps a 1x4 on top. There can also be possibly one or two side flitchs of 2x4's, 2x6's or 1x4's on either side. The flitchs can have a 2x4(2x6) over another 2x4(2x6). Careful inspection shows that the corners are not always in the log, there is a wane allowance for each board.

In all the drawings the "rings" are diameter cross-sections of the log at 2 foot intervals (the length scale is 1/12 that of the other two directions). The minimum length for a piece of lumber is 8 feet, and only 2x4's, 2x6's or 1x4's are allowed in the solution. SED stands for small-end diameter (or far-end diameter for real logs).

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Last Update 6 Jan 1999