Guide to

Undergraduate Biomathematics

Florida State University
Department of Mathematics


This undergraduate track should be of interest to mathematically inclined students also interested in Biology. The track provides preparation for graduate work in computational biology or bioinformatics.  This is a major that can include the basic pre med advising.  It is part of the interdisciplinary offerings in the department of Mathematics; there are currently Masterís and PhD programs in Biomedical Mathematics that are closely related to this undergraduate major.



For details on courses and prerequisites, see the FSU General Bulletin:  Biology,  Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics

Note:  MAP 3305/3306 Engineering Mathematics I and II can substitute for Ordinary  Differential Equations and Applied Linear Algebra

Total: 67 hours (or more).


4000 level math courses (partial list):

MAA 4226 Advanced Calculus I

MAP 4341 Elementary Partial Differential Equations I

MAA 4402 Complex Variables

MTG 4302 Elementary Topology

MAP 4202 Optimization

MAA 4224 Introduction to Analysis


see FSU General Bulletin, Mathematics for other courses


Collateral Biology or Chemistry

organic chemistry or biochemistry as required as a pre med

other approved upper level biology or biochemistry






The Student Affairs coordinator in the Department of Mathematics can answer questions on these requirements and is available to give advice and to help students with problems.   Call 644-5868.