Chair & Dwight B. Goodner Professor of


Department of Mathematics,

Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL

Office: 227 Love Building

Phone: 850-645-3338

Fax: 850-644-4053

Em: bowers AT math DOT fsu DOT edu

Research Interests

I was trained as a topologist, but have moved more and more into geometry and complex analysis and have started dabbling in some applications of mathematics. My continuing interests are

  1. Discrete conformal geometry: conformal tilings; circle packings on Riemann surfaces; discrete analytic functions; the type problem for graphs; piecewise flat surfaces and their conformal types; Grothendieck dessins d'enfants;

  2. Geometric group theory: negatively curved, automatic, and CAT(0)-groups; boundaries of groups; metric geometry;

  3. Classical complex analysis: the Koebe uniformization problem;

  4. Applications: discrete conformal flattenings; numerical uniformizations of riemann surfaces and piecewise flat surfaces; flat anatomical mappings;

  5. Quantum: quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, quantum computing.

My Family

My wife Kristina is a math instructor at Florida State University.

My son John C. Bowers is a student in the computer science department at UMass, Amherst. His wife Katherine is currently attending Simmon’s library science program.

My son Thomas is a student at Florida State, and makes freehand pipes, among other things. His wife Kellie is completing her Anthropology degree at FSU.

My daughter Maddy is in 5th grade.

Philip L. Bowers