GenRTR Riemannian Optimization Package
Below are some links relating to the RTR and to Riemannian Optimization in general.
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Other Riemannian Optimization Software

  • SG_Min - Stiefel Grassmann Optimization software
    Provides four iterations for optimization on the Steifel and Grassmann manifolds:
    • dog-leg steps
    • Polak-Ribiere nonlinear CG
    • Fletcher-Reeves nonlinear CG
    • Newton's method
    Contains applications for nearest degenerate eigenproblems, least square diagonalization problems, Procrustes problems, and electronic structures problems.
    Language: MATLAB
    Author: Ross Lippert
The following lists are intended to be a jumping off point for those looking for resources on Riemannian optimization. However, they are grossly incomplete. Please email me when you find neglected works.

Riemannian Optimization Books

Riemannian Optimization Articles

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