Algebra and its Applications (Fall 2009)

The seminar is organized by Ettore Aldrovandi. Please send me an email to contact me.

The seminar meets on Thursday, at 3:35 pm in 104 LOV

Speakers, Titles and Abstracts

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Sept. 3 Matilde Marcolli (Caltech) Feynman integrals and Motives
Sept. 10No meeting
Sept. 17 Julie Bergner (UC Riverside) Derived Hall algebras associated to stable homotopy theories.
Sept. 24 Robert Underwood (FSU) Hopf Algebras and a Theorem of Larson and Sweedler
Oct. 1 Randy Heaton (FSU) About Fermat's Last Theorem
Oct. 8 Saikat Biswas (FSU) Deformation of Galois Representations
Oct. 15 Young J Cha (FSU) Generalized exponents of difference equations
Oct. 22 Kathleen Petersen (FSU) The generalized Riemann hypothesis on the average
Oct. 29 No meeting
Nov. 5 Paolo Aluffi (FSU) Chern classes identities from weak coupling limits.
Nov. 12 Amod Agashe (FSU) Modular forms and L-functions
Nov. 19 Tingting Fang (FSU) Descent for differential operators
(Candidacy Exam)
Dec. 3 Amod Agashe (FSU) Modular forms and L-functions (Part II)

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