Algebra and its Applications (Fall 2012)

This seminar is organized by Ettore Aldrovandi

We meet on Thursday, at 3:35 pm in 104 LOV

Speakers, Titles and Abstracts

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Sep. 6 Organizational meeting
Sept 13 Eriko Hironaka Mixed-sign Coxeter systems and Lehmer's problem
Sept 20 Xia Liao Chern Classes of logarithmic derivations for locally quasi-homogeneous free divisors
Sept 27 Paolo Aluffi Chern classes and Euler characteristics of general sections
Oct 4 Selcan Aksoy The image of a tensor functor as a morphism between monoidal categories (Candidacy Exam)
Oct 25 Kyounghee Kim The Coxeter element in W(p,q,r) vs. a pseudo-automorphisms in a projective space
Nov 1 Ivan Dungan Coverings and Infinity Stacks
Nov 8
Nov 15 Vijay Kunwar Computing 3-descent to a 2F1 solvable second order differential equation
Nov 29 Amod Agashe Stark-Heegner points
Dec 6 Kathleen Petersen Well-rounded lattices

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