Haibin Hang

I am a graduate school student in mathematics department of Florida State University. I have been studying topological and geometric data analysis under the supervision of Prof. Washington Mio in FSU since autumn 2015 and expect to receive my Ph.D. degree in mathematics by the end of summer 2020.

Curriculum Vitae
Research Statement

Research Interests

Topological and geometric data analysis; object-oriented data analysis; statistics on graphs and manifolds; scientific and practical applications and low-dimensional topology.


Email: hhang at math dot fsu dot edu
Office: MCH 219E


  1. L. Mander, H. Hang, M. Bauer, M. Bruveris, W. Mio, Geometric and topological approaches to the shape of modern and fossil Ginkgo leaves. (In preparation)
  2. H. Hang, L. Dong, J. G. Park, W. Mio, R. Liang, Detecting Carbon Nanotube Orientation with Topological Data Analysis of Scanning Electron Micrographs. (In preparation) [slides]
  3. H. Hang, W. Mio, Correspondence Modules, Persistence Sheaves and Stability of Their Diagrams. (In preparation) [slides]
  4. H. Hang, F. Mémoli, W. Mio, A topological study of functional data and Fréchet functions of metric measure spaces. J Appl. and Comput. Topology (2019). [doi] [arXiv]
  5. H. Hang, F. Mémoli, W. Mio, Covariance tensors on Riemannian manifolds, Oberwolfach Reports, Workshop on Statistics for Data with Geometric Structure (2018). [doi] [slides]
  6. H. Hang, Homology and orientation reversing periodic maps on surfaces, Topology and its Applications, 229 (2017), 1-19. [doi] [arXiv]