Algebra Seminar Spring 2009- R 3:35-4:45

Algebra Seminar Spring 2009

Organizer: Eriko Hironaka
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Date Speaker Title
1/8/09 Organizational Meeting
1/15/09 cancelled
1/22/09 Kate Petersen Artin's Primitive Root Conjecture
1/29/09, 2/5/09 Robert Underwood Galois Module Theory
2/12/09, 2/19/09 Saikat Biswas Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture
2/26/09 Guang Hong Wang Supersolutions and the obstacle problem
3/5/09 Amod Agashe Diophantine geometry
3/19/09 Yong Jae Cha Liouvillian Solutions of Irreducible Linear Difference Equations
3/26/09 Kyle Armstrong Coxeter Systems
4/2/09 Randy Heaton The Weil pairing and identity based cryptography.
4/9/09 James Fullwood The Topology of Algebraic Curves Over the Complex Numbers
4/16/09 Melissa Macasieb Commensurability Classes of (-2,3,n) pretzel knots
4/23/09 Saikat Biswas Grothendieck Topologies