Topology and Geometry Seminar

Title: Lusternik-Schnirelmann category: new developments and an intriguing link with systolic geometry

Speaker: J.C. Gomez-Larranaga

Abstract: In 1934, Lusternik and Schnirelmann (LS) introduced what is called now the LS-category of a topological space in order to study the minimal number of critical points of a manifold. A large number of results are known related to this homotopy invariant since then. In this talk, we will report about some new developments about LS-type invariants. In particular, we will give a classification of all closed manifolds with S1-category dos. Also, we will mention an intriguing link between LS-category and systolic geometry due to Katz and Rudyak. This work is joint work with F.J. González- Acuña and W. Heil.