Topology and Geometry Seminar -- Spring 2014

Topology and Geometry Seminar

Organizer: Eriko Hironaka (hironaka at
Meeting Time: Tuesday 3:35-4:35
Meeting Place: 104 LOV

Date Speaker Title
Organizational Meeting
1/28/14 Mika Seppala Topology of MOOCs
2/4/14 Mehmet Aktas Topology of algebraic plane curves
2/11/14 Russ Waller An asymmetric Namioka theorem
2/18/14 Russ Waller Applications of topology to data mining
2/25/14 Chris Stover Limit sets and their applications
3/4/14 Robert Billet Automorphisms of Free Groups and the Culler-Vogtmann Outer Space
3/18/14 Sinem Karatas Isometric Immersions
3/25/14 Kate Petersen Character Varieties, degree of irrationality, and Dehn filling.
4/1/14 Yunyi Shen Operator Algebras and Foliations I
4/8/14 Yunyi Shen Operator Algebras and Foliations I
4/15/14 Dane Mayhook Expansion Complexes I
4/22/14 Dane Mayhook Expansion Complexes II