FSU Topology Week

On February 18-22, 2013, FSU Math hosted seven math professors from San Carlos Brazil, and organized a Topology Week around their visit, culminating in the FSU-UF Topology Meeting on the weekend. During the week, faculty members from FSU Math and four of the visitors gave talks that were well-attended by undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty members. Visitors Alice Kimie Miwa Libardi, Edivaldo Lopes dos Santos, Luiz Roberto Hartmann Junior, and Thais Fernanda Mendes Monis, and FSU Faculty members Phil Bowers, Kate Petersen, Eriko Hironaka, Kyounghee Kim, John Bryant gave lectures. The other visitors were Denise de Mattos, Daniel Vendruscolo, and Thiago de Melo.

On the February 22-23, 2013 the department hosted the FSU-UF Topology meeting. This meeting has a long history, and was once a yearly event, but over the last decade, the number of meetings has tapered off. Faculty members from both Universities are enthusiastic about reviving the meetings, and there are plans for a UF-FSU Topology Meeting to be held at University of Florida in 2014.