Note: A more recent version of the code below is contained in Maple V release 5, and is available here.
Diffop is a maple package which contains algorithms for computing with differential operators. Its main goal is factorization of differential operators.

Version "Nov 21 1996" of diffop for Maple 5.3 (this code probably does not run on Maple 5.4, there will be a version of diffop for Maple 5.4 once I have 5.4). New in this version: code for computing the eigenring of a differential operator, see my ISSAC '96 paper on this topic. Note: most of this code will be shipped with the next release of Maple.


Technical documentation on the implemenation

If you use diffop you may want to download diffop again later. There are a number of changes that I want to do, such as allowing parameters in the input, and there are still a number of optimizations that I want to do to DFactor.

If you are interested in algebraic functions and 3D animations of singularity knots have a look at the IntBasis page.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you find any bugs in diffop, please mail them to hoeij@math.fsu.edu