Calculus I, section 3, Fall 1999. MAC2311-03

M 9:05 - 9:55, TR 9:30 - 10:45, Room: 217 HTL

Instructor: Dr. Mark van Hoeij, homepage, E-mail:, Telephone: 644 3879.

Office: 105B LOV Building. Office hours: M 10-11, TR 11-12. You can visit my office during other hours as well, just e-mail or call me first to see if I'm available.

Prerequisites: You must have passed MAC1140 (College Algebra) and MAC1113 (Trigonometry) (or MAC2140 and MAC1114 at TCC) with a grade of C- or better or have appropriate transfer credit. Placement in AMP Group 1 or 1H (or 2 if you are currently taking trigonometry) is also considered to satisfy the prerequisite. AMP Group 3A with prior college algebra or AMP Group 3B with prior college trigonometry will also satisfy the prerequisite requirements.

Text: Calculus (Second Edition), by Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, McCallum, et al.

Calculators: Students are required to have a programmable graphing calculator.

Course content: Chapters 1-6.

Test #1: Tuesday, September 21.

Test #2: Thursday, October 21.

Test #3: Thursday, November 18.

Final exam: Thursday, December 16, 3:00-5:00 pm.

Grading: The final will determine 35% of your grade. Each test will determine 15% of your grade. The quizzes we do in class (often in groups, sometimes alone) determine 10% of your grade. The remaining 10% will be determined by a project we will do (which will be group work).

Last day to drop: September 24. Be careful: if you do not show up at the tests and final, and you forgot to drop the course, you could receive an F, so make sure to drop the course if you decide you do not want to take this course.

Exam policy: There will be no makeup tests or quizzes. A missed test can only be excused *before* the day of the test, and you will need a good reason with proof. When a missed test is excused, the grade of the test will be the same as the grade on your final. A missed test will not be excused on or after the day of the test, and a non-excused missed test means zero points. A missed quiz can be excused if it happens no more than two times.