Computer Algebra, MAS5731, Syllabus, Fall 2000.

Location: MCH 107

The course documents and assignments

Time: Wednesday and Friday 12:30 - 1:45

Instructor: Dr. Mark VanHoeij

You do not need a text book for this course because all documents will be placed on the web. Symbolic integration will be a large part of this course. If you want a text book on symbolic integration then take Symbolic Integration I. This is an excellent book, it is very clear, and it is written by someone who played an essential role in the development of symbolic integration. If you would like to learn other topics in computer algebra then I highly recommend: Modern Computer Algebra, which is a pleasure to read, contains all the right topics, it is the best general book to study computer algebra.

Contents Computer Algebra MAS-5731 in Fall 2000. Grading: There will be two tests during the semester and a final test. Each of these three tests will account for 20% of the final grade. The remaining 40% of the grade will be determined by the turn in assignments, which will all (or almost all) be computations or algorithms you have to write in Maple. So it is essential to learn Maple, and we will spend time on that during the course.

To have access to Maple you need to have an account on one of the Unix machines. You can also buy Maple in the book store for $129. Most of the Unix machines have Maple release 5, but the new version (in the book store) is Maple 6. So I will write the Maple documents in such a way that they will work in Maple 5 as well as Maple 6 (or I will point out what needs to be changed in the document between the two versions).