Putnam course, MAT 4930-0004, Fall 2020.

Location: Online

Time: Friday 11:15 - 12:05

Instructor: Dr. Mark van Hoeij

Try your hand at challenging math problems! The William Lowell Putnam Examination, offered in early December of each year, is sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America and is free and open to all undergraduates, regardless of major.

First handouts: Derksen's Problem Sets.

In order to help students develop skills and strategies for solving problems similar to those found on the Putnam Exam, the FSU Mathematics Department is offering this 1-semester hour seminar.

Do not underestimate yourself. Even though the Putnam problems are very challenging, you will notice that with some practise and persistence you can solve much harder problems than you thought. Solving a challenging math problem every once in a while gives a great feeling of satisfaction. The team results and individual results will be sent to you by the Putnam administration. Looks great on your resume.

Grading is (S/U) and is based on participation.

The instructor is dr. Mark van Hoeij. The seminar is scheduled to meet once per week. When registering, be sure to register for 1 hour of credit. If you have questions about the Putnam Exam or the Putnam Course, contact Mark van Hoeij by email: hoeij@math.fsu.edu.