An algorithm for computing the Weierstrass normal form

Let f in C[x,y] be a polynomial defining an algebraic curve of genus 1. Then the algebraic function field C(x)[y]/(f) is isomorphic to C(X)[Y]/(F) for some polynomial F=Y^2 + (polynomial in X of degree 3). In this paper we compute such F, and also compute this isomorphism and its inverse by computing the images of x, y, X and Y. This can be used to reduce the problem of integration in C(x)[y]/(f) to the field C(X)[Y]/(F), for which special purpose integration algorithms exist. Furthermore the j-invariant can be obtained.

Note that when the problem is non-trivial, i.e. when the degree of f is > 3, then f must have singularities in order to have genus 1. A convenient and efficient way to deal with these singularities is to use an integral basis.

For the implementation see the file genus1 in the algcurves package.

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See also the paper on the hyperelliptic case.