Algebraic Number Theory, MAS 5932-0002, Spring 2017.

Location: 104 LOV

Time: MWF 11:15-12:05

Instructor: Dr. Mark van Hoeij

Text: I will hand out the material in class. Most of it will come from the following web pages: and

Grading: There will be two or three tests during the semester, and one final test, which combined, account for 90% of the grade. The remaining 10% of the grade will be determined by homework/quizzes.

Exam policy: There will be no makeup tests or quizzes. A missed test can only be excused before the day of the test, and you will need a good reason with proof. When a missed test is excused, the grade of the test will be the same as the grade on your final. A missed test will not be excused on or after the day of the test, and a non-excused missed test means zero points.

Course objectives: Rings of integers of number fields. Unique factorization of ideals in Dedekind domains. The group of units of the ring of integers. The class group. Valuations. Local fields, or elliptic curves, depending on the interest of the students.