Journal Articles
A partial differential equation model of metastasized prostatic cancer.
Jain HV, Friedman A (2013).
(Accepted for publication in
Math Biosci. Eng.)

Modeling prostate cancer response to continuous versus intermittent androgen ablation therapy.
Jain HV, Friedman A (2013).
(Accepted for publication in Discrete Cont Dyn-B.)

Modelling stem/progenitor cell-induced neo-vascularization and oxygenation around solid implants

Jain HV, Moldovan NI, Byrne HM
Tissue Eng. Part C Methods. 2012, 18(7):4497-4501.

Qualitative analysis of an integro-differential equation model of periodic chemotherapy.
Jain HV, Byrne HM
Appl Math Lett. 2012, 25(12):2132-2136.

Mathematical modeling of prostate cancer progression in response to androgen ablation therapy
Jain HV, Clinton SK, Bhinder A, Friedman A
Proc Natl Acad Sci. 2011, 108(49):19701-19706.

The Molecular Basis of Synergism between Carboplatin and ABT-737 Therapy Targeting Ovarian Carcinomas

Jain HV, Meyer-Hermann M
Cancer Res. 2011, 71(3):705-715.

Quantification of endothelial cell-targeted anti-Bcl-2 therapy and its suppression of tumor growth and vascularization
Jain HV, Nör JE, Jackson TL
Mol Cancer Ther. 2009, 8(10):2926-36.

Modeling the VEGF-Bcl-2-CXCL8 pathway in intratumoral angiogenesis
Jain HV, Nör JE, Jackson TL
Bull Math Biol. 2008, 70(1):89-117.

Level of endothelial cell apoptosis required for a significant decrease in microvessel density
Dong Z, Zeitlin BD, Song W, Sun Q, Karl E, Spencer DM, Jain HV, Jackson T, Núñez G, Nör JE
Exp Cell Res. 2007, 313(16):3645-57.
Journal Papers Under Review
Exploiting the synergy between carboplatin and ABT-737 in the treatment of ovarian carcinomas.
Jain HV, Meyer-Hermann M, Richardson A, Byrne HM.
(Under review in
Mol. Cancer Ther.)

A hybrid model of the role of VEGF binding in endothelial cell migration and capillary formation.
Jain HV, Jackson TL.
(Under review in
Frontiers Oncol.)
Book Chapters
Linking EC Stimulation to Tumor Growth and Vascular Density: The VEGF - Bcl-2 - CXCL8 Pathway
Jain HV and Jackson TL
in “
Modeling Tumor Vasculature: Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Level Aspects and Implications
Ed Jackson TL, Springer 2012

Cancer modeling: A perspective on what's new and what's next
Jackson TL, Ashkenazi R, Heusel S, Jain HV
in “
Mathematical Studies on Human Disease Dynamics: Emerging Paradigms and Challenges
Eds. Gumel A, Castillo-Chavez C, Mickens R, Clemence DP. OUP 2006.