MATH 609 - Numerical Analysis - Fall 2011
          Instructor: Dr. Raytcho Lazarov
          Office: Blocker 505C

          Time: TR 3:55 pm -- 5:10 pm (regular class) at BLOC 160
                      Lab : W 3:00-3:50 pm in 122 BLOC

-Programming Assignments and HomeWorks.

(Sep.4) The link to the list of Homeworks and Due dates :: HWS ::

(Sep.4) Format for the report of programming assignment.
 - Your report should be a PDF file looking like this: report.pdf.
 - Here is the LaTeX source used to create this PDF file : report.tex,

(Sep.4) HomeWork Assignmnet has to be worked by hand. (No Computers)
(Sep.7) Sample Code for Gauss Elimination with No pivots. gauss_elimination.m
(Oct.10) Sample Code for Newton Method for Nonliear System. Newton.m