:Spring 2014: Math 610-Lab (Numerical Methods for PDEs)

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  • 1. Format for the report of programming assignment
     * Your report should be a PDF file looking like this: report.pdf.
       - Here is the LaTeX source used to create this PDF file : report.tex, graph.ps
     * To produce a .DVI file from your .TEX file, use the command: latex [name_of_file].tex
     * To convert your .DVI file to a .PS/.PDF file use the commands dvips or dvipdf.

  • In Class Materials
    1. [Jan.22] 2D finite elements. Generating the mesh.

    2. [Jan.29] Programming Assignment I - Exercise 1. is due on next week. (Feb.5th)

    3. [Feb.5] Programming Assignment I - Exercise #2(1-3 only). is due on next week. (Feb.12th)

    4. [Feb.12] FINAL DUE: Programming Assignment I is due on next week. (Feb.17th)