Current Graduate Students

I no longer have graduate students, since I retired in September, 2017.
Former Group Members

Yao Dai
Yao Dai

Yao joined our group in 2012 and obtained her PhD in May, 2017. Her dissertation is entitled
Game-Theoretic Models of Animal Behavior Observed in Some Recent Experiments. She now works as a Quantitative Analyst for Goldman Sachs in Dallas, Texas.

Max Wyse
Max Wyse

Max joined our group in 2012 and obtained his PhD in May, 2017. His dissertation is entitled
The Impact of Competition on Elephant Musth Strategies: A Game-Theoretic Model. He now works as a Software Engineer for MathWorks in Natick, Massachusetts.

Tugba Karabiyik

Tugba joined our group in 2010 and obtained her PhD in May, 2015. Her dissertation is entitled Game-Theoretic analysis of Competition over Indivisible Resources. She is now Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.

Yingyun Shen

Yingyun joined our group in 2009 and obtained her PhD in August, 2014. Her dissertation is entitled Mathematical Models of Dengue Fever and Measures to Control It. She is now Vice President at Wells Fargo in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Candace Ohm

Candace joined our group in 2008 and obtained her PhD in December, 2013. Her dissertation is entitled The Evolution of Deception in Signaling Systems. She is now Senior Business Intelligence Developer at DOSH in Austin, Texas.

Salam Khan

Salam was a postdoc with our group from 2007 until 2010. He instituted the seminar, which ran from January of 2009 until February of 2015. He is now Associate Professor in the Mathematics Department at Alabama A&M University in Normal, Alabama.

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