Acrostic Sonnets for No Particular Month


 When you're alone and walking through the trees,
 Anxieties and worries fade away.
 Leaves fluttering in springtime's gentle breeze
 Disturb no creature's thoughts. And if you stray
 Entirely off the beaten path, you know
 It's safe to chill inside your green cocoon.
 No city dangers threaten where you go.
 Street noises are displaced by nature's tune.
 And when the light grows dim, and you are drawn
 Meanderingly to the EXIT word,
 KEEP OFF THE GRASS signs by your city lawn
 Erupt into your thoughts, and seem absurd! ...
 Inside the forest, far from city sounds,
 Tranquillity in solitude abounds.

 (First published on March 25, 2021 in
  Autumn Sky Poetry Daily)
 Trombone Player

 The Dorsey stamp shows Tommy on trombone,
 Rejoicing to his sentimental sound
 Of swing, with Jimmy on the saxophone—
 Musicians whose great hits were world renowned!
 Big bands had never seen such skilled trombone:
 Ol' Blue Eyes said he learned to breathe his way,
 Not from a vocal coach, but from his own
 Experience of watching Tommy play! ...
 Perhaps, since Tommy's timeless, he belongs
 Less on a thirty-two cent stamp than where
 A stamp commemorates his classic songs,
 Yet also says they'll always fill the air ...
 Eternal tunes deserve this mail revamp:
 Releasing Tommy's own Forever stamp!

 (Inspired by a 1996 US commemorative stamp and first
  published in the Creativity Webzine on March 31, 2021)
  The Arrow Of Time

  The arrow maker's expert at his craft.
  His jasper points are honed with perfect skill,
  Each fastened with precision to its shaft—
  And when they fly, their flights bend to his will ...
  Reflecting on his daughter's changing role,
  Resignedly he grasps she too must fly:
  Of time, the arrow's not his to control,
  When any day a stranger might walk by ...
  Once Hiawatha comes, this father knows
  Fond days with Minnehaha soon will end—
  Time's arrow is the one that never slows:
  Its flight to Minnehaha's will must bend
  Most surely, bringing sadness to the day
  Events propel this daughter far away.

  (Inspired by Edmonia Lewis's The Old Arrow Maker
  and first published in the Ekphrastic Review on April
  23, 2021 as a Challenge Response)
 Flies On The Wall

 For Ginger Rogers and for Fred Astaire,
 Love may have been for real, or just on-set—
 In movies they had many an affair,
 Enchanting with their dancing etiquette ...
 Such chemistry made rumors coalesce.
 On-screen entwinement made their fans surmise:
 No screen romance could seem so real unless
 Their love was real—and so fans hired two flies.
 How well these spies both hid from whom they tailed!
 Each eavesdropped on a dressing room backstage.
 Would Fred and Ginger's passion be unveiled?
 Alternatively, would they not engage? ...
 Luck blessed not fans. Fred swatted down both flies—
 Long afterwards, we still can but surmise!

 (First published on April 29, 2021 in the
  Creativity Webzine)
 Cliff Indignity

 Can you imagine if you were a cliff,
 Like Dover's famous crags of sheer white rock—
 If you had no defense against the whiff
 Fresh guano leaves when seabirds poop en bloc?
 For centuries, I've braved the winds that blow,
 Inspiring poets, who are all at sea,
 Not underneath the seabirds, or they'd know
 Divine enchantment is not felt by me!
 If I could talk to seabirds, I would grouse:
 Get off my face, you brainless booby birds!
 Nest somewhere else, perhaps some poets' house.
 Instead of lauding cliffs, they'd curse your turds! ...
 Though poets write of heavenly allure,
 Yet sheer indignity's what I endure!

 (First published in the May 2021 issue of
  Better Than Starbucks)

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