Limericks for 2022

All talk of a levelled-up nation,
As poor folks face crippling inflation,
Begins to sound fishy
When Chancellor Rishi
Responds by increasing taxation!

(March, 2022)
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The Tories would not be in panic
If Boris looked more messianic.
But Cabinet changing
Is just rearranging
The deckchairs upon his Titanic!

(February, 2022; appeared in the Daily Mail on the 17th)
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Since your wineglass is empty again
And the Co-op is open, that's when
You head down to the Strand
With a suitcase in hand
And return to booze up Number Ten!

(January, 2022)
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Feargal Lynn received mail from afar,
Though it had no address: His guitar,
Ma, Da, butcher-shop friend
And half-postcode would send
It direct to across from the Spar!

(January, 2022)
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A courageous adventurer, Preet
Has achieved a remarkable feat
In her role model's role:
She has reached the South Pole
Trekking solo across the ice sheet!

(January, 2022)
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