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Typically I only teach in the Fall and Spring semesters, with the Summer semester reserved for my research. I teach undergraduate mathematics courses to mathematics, engineering, and science majors at the level of Calculus 1 and above. I also teach graduate courses for the Biomathematics Graduate Program, including courses and seminars related to my brain mapping research.

I have been awarded a FSU University Teaching Award in 2008 and 2014. This award is based on nominations by students followed by a review process by my colleagues. I am very honored to have received these awards as only about 15-20 awards are made university wide each year. I highly encourage students to nominate any professor who has had a positive impact on their learning. Nomination forms can be found here.

Here are syllabi of some of the more recent courses that I have taught. These syllabi are samples only and they are subject to change each time I teach the course.

Courses Taught
- MAA 4402 - Complex Variables
- MAC 2311 - Calculus I
- MAC 2312 - Calculus II
- MAC 2312 - Calculus II (Honors)
- MAC 2313 - Calculus 3
- MAC 2302 - Ordinary Differential Equations
- MAS 3105 - Applied Lienar Algebra I
- MAT 3503 - Functions and Modeling
- MAT 3930 - Special Topics in Mathematics
- MAA 4402 - Complex Variables
- MAP 4481 - Modelng in Biology
- MAT 4906 - (Undergraduate) Directed Independent Study (DIS)
- MAT 4934 - Honors Work (DIS)
- MAT 5907 - (Graduate) Directed Independent Study (DIS)
- MAA 5932 - Complex Variables
- MAA 5932 - Spatio Temporal Models in Biology
- MAP 5933 - Special Topics in Mathematics
- MAP 6437 - Biomath Projects
- MAP 6939 - Brain Mapping Graduate Seminar
- MAP 6939 - Biomathematics Graduate Seminar
- MAP 6980 - Graduate Dissertation

Content for these courses is available to enrolled students on Canvas.

For more information regarding these courses, please contact Dr. Hurdal.

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