Scuba Diving

Why Surf the Net When You Can Submerse the Net?

Diving in the Coral Sea

One of my passions is scuba diving. I've been fortunate enough to dive in many beautiful places around the world, including Australia, Canada, Fiji, Barbados, the Red Sea, Tahaiti, Florida, and Hawaii. The above picture is of me diving in the Coral Sea, on the Great Barrier Reef. Visibility that day was over 100 metres! Awesome!

One of the best (and cheapest!) ways to dive is to join a club. Other club members offer experience, advice and great company.

Diving at Florida State University
For many years I was the faculty advisor to the scuba club at FSU. Check out the Seminole Scuba Club.

Interested in diving in Australia? Check out: Setting Up for a Dive

I find my spare time with the environment enjoyable and I am interested in diving some of the more remote / pristine places in the world. It is really wonderful to be diving and think that you might be seeing something that no one else in the world has seen.

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