Fall 2019 Biomathematics Graduate Seminar
MAP 6939-03

Wednesdays, 3:35 - 4:50 pm
LOV 200

Note: Class meeting times may change when there are guest speakers. Please contact the instructor to confirm class times.

Instructor: Dr. Monica K. Hurdal

Email: mhurdal@math.fsu.edu
Webpage: www.math.fsu.edu/~mhurdal

Office Hours

This course is designed to be an introductory seminar for graduate students wishing to learn about the field of biomathematics, including different applications of mathematics in biology and medicine.

This class is graded S/U. Advanced graduate students will be expected to give one presentation in class. A maximum of 3 absences will be allowed in order to receive a passing grade.


Aug 28: Dr. Monica Hurdal: Oranizational Meeting

Sep 4: No Seminar due to Faculty Meeting

Sep 11: Dr. Monica Hurdal, FSU Math
Title: Mathematical Models of Human Brain Folding Pattern Formation & Characterization
In this presentation I will give an overview of my research involving cortical pattern formation and conformal flat maps of the human brain. I will discuss some of biological theories of cortical folding pattern formation and some of the mathematical models I am developing to help answer questions regarding cortical folding pattern development and cortical malformation diseases.

Sep 18: Dr. Nick Cogan, FSU Math

Sep 25: Angie Davenport, FSU Math

Oct 2: Attend Biomath Colloquim on Friday Oct 4 at 3:35 in LOV 101
Speaker on Oct 4: Dr. Santiago Schnell, U. Michigan Medical School

Oct 9: Dr. Richard Bertram, FSU Math

Oct 16: Josh Kimrey, FSU Math

Oct 23: Yeuran Oh, FSU Math

Oct 30:

Nov 6: Ahmet Kilinc, FSU Math

Nov 13: Dr. Martin Bauer, FSU Math

Nov 20: Dr. Harsh Jain, FSU Math

Nov 27: No Classes - Thanksgiving Break

Dec 4: Available, but seminars generally do not meet the last week of classes

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