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Mathematics Honors Day



Friday, 28 March 2003
3:35 pm - 101 Love Bldg.

Invited Address

Speaker: Jim Cobbe
Affiliation: Florida State University
Title: Social Class, Schooling, and Stereotypes in the Sixties: or why I am not a mathematician, although I nearly was.

Abstract. Without doubt, in my own view my greatest academic achievement was election as an Entrance Scholar in Mathematics to Trinity College, Cambridge, in December 1963. But I am not a mathematician, and stopped trying to be one by 1966. This talk will be a personal exploration of why, touching along the way on the Irish Potato Famine, England before my birth and in the 1960s, and Konfrontasi. It will probably be very boring, but it has been fascinating thinking about what to say!
Awards and Honors
  Dwight B. Goodner Awards
  CIGNA Scholars
  Pi Mu Epsilon Induction of New Members
  204-B LOV following the program.


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