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Changyou Wang



Speaker: Changyou Wang
Title:Calculus of variations in L-infinity and Aronsson's equation
Affiliation: University of Kentucky
Date: Monday, January 9, 2006.
Place and Time: Room 101 - Love Building, 3:35-4:30 pm.
Refreshments: Room 204 - Love Building, 3:00 pm.

Abstract. We consider the minimization problem of the supernorm functional F(u,\Omega)=esssup H(x,u,\nabla u) over W^{1,\infty}-space. We will discuss some recent development on the basic issues such (1) necessary and sufficient conditions on existence; (2) Aronsson's equation for absolute minimizers; (3) uniqueness and regularity for Aronsson's equation. Two examples of applications from image interpolation and random game theory will also be mentioned.


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