Modeling fluid flows in geophysics, ACM Seminar
Dr. Nick Moore

MAP6939-0010, Fall 2014

Monday 4:10-5:10 PM, LOV 104

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The emphasis of this seminar will be on reduced flow models (potential flow, complex-variable methods, etc.), porous-media flows, and land-formation processes such as erosion and dissolution. We might also discuss thermal convection and ocean/atmosphere flows. A course in fluid dynamics will be helpful but not necessary.

Throughout the seminar, we will be reading various research papers related to geophysical flows. I will occasionally ask students to summarize a paper and lead a class discussion on it. Additionally, I will arrange for guest speakers to present talks on related topics. If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact me. All are welcome.


Classic papers

  • 'Outline of a theory of turbulent shear flows', Malkus, 1956 [pdf]

  • 'Note on a paper of John W. Miles', L.H. Howard, 1961 [pdf]
    A seminal paper on stability of stratified fluid flows. The author, Louis Howard, was a well-known professor here in the Math department and GFDI!

  • 'Accurate solution of the Orr-Sommerfeld stability equation', Orszag, 1971 [pdf]
    The first accurate calculation of the stability of channel flow.

  • 'Dynamical instabilities and the transition to chaotic Taylor vortex flow', Swinney, Gollub, et al., 1979 [pdf]

  • 'Many routes to turbulent convection', Gollub and Benson, 1980 [pdf]

  • 'Flow and instability of a viscous current down a slope', H.E. Huppert, 1982 [pdf]

  • 'An experimental study of the Saffman-Taylor instability', JFM 1987 [pdf]

  • 'Chaos and mixing in a geostrophic flow', Behringer, Swinney, et al., 1991 [pdf]

  • 'Removing the stiffness from interfacial flows with surface tension', Hou, Lowengrub, Shelley, 1993 [pdf]
    Groundbreaking paper on methods to simulate interfacial flows, including the Kelvin-Helmholtz and Saffman-Taylor instabilities.

  • 'Periodic Boundary Motion in Thermal Turbulence', Zhang and Libchaber, 2000 [pdf]

  • 'Interdecadal variations of the thermohaline circulation in a coupled ocean-atmosphere model', J. Climate, 1993. [pdf]

  • 'Global Ocean Meridional Overturning', Lumpkin and Speer, 2007 [pdf]

    Erosion, dissolution, and geomorphology

  • 'Minimal model for sand dunes', PRL 2002 [pdf]

  • 'On steady states in mountain belts', Geology 2002 [pdf]

  • 'Longitudinal profile of channels cut by springs', JFM 2011 [pdf]

  • 'Sculpting of an erodible body by flowing water', PNAS 2012 [pdf]

  • 'Self-similar evolution of a body eroding in a fluid flow', POF 2013 [pdf]

  • 'Shape dynamics and scaling laws for a body dissolving in fluid flow', JFM 2015 [pdf] [link]

  • 'Self-sculpting of a dissolvable body due to gravitational convection', PRF 2018 [pdf] [link]

  • 'Response of a laboratory aquifer to rainfall', JFM Rapids 2014 [pdf]

    Hydrodynamic stability

  • 'Linearized pipe flow to Reynolds number 10^7', JCP 2003 [pdf]
    Discusses the concept of stability to finite perturbations and the basin of attraction of stable flows.

  • 'Self-Consistent Mean Flow Description of the Nonlinear Saturation of the Vortex Shedding in the Cylinder Wake', PRL 2014 [pdf]
    Uses the ideas of Malkus to determine the time-averaged flow of the von-Karman vortex street.

    Bathtub vortex

  • 'Bath-Tub Vortex', A.H. Shapiro, 1962 [pdf]

  • 'Anatomy of a bathtub vortex', PRL 2003 [pdf]
    This is still an active research topic, with publications in prestigious journals.

  • 'The bathtub vortex in a rotating container', JFM 2006 [pdf]

  • Verifying a Vortex, article


  • 'Flapping proposal', 2016 [pdf]

  • 'D. Hill thesis', [pdf]

    Please contact Nick Moore if you have any question regarding this seminar.