Office Location

My office is Room 403E in Milton Carothers Hall (MCH). This is office E in the 403 suite.

If entering Carothers at the main entrance (which faces south, towards Dirac and the bookstore/parking garage complex), immediately turn left. Continue along the first floor corridor to the elevator in the middle of the building, on the right just past the central stairs. Upon exiting the elevator on the fourth floor, turn right and proceed along the corridor to the second-last door on the left, which is the entrance to the 403 suite. Once you enter the suite, office E will be straight ahead.

Alternatively, you may take the east stairs (a second immediate left after entering at the main entrance), or the west stairs at the other end of the building (accessible from the west entrance, facing Keen, the physics building). The central stairs, which you face if you enter Carothers from the central entrance off the parking lot that Carothers shares with the Love building, do not go all the way up to the fourth floor. If you use that central entrance, take the steps down to the first floor. Then turn right, and take the elevator (which will be on your right) to the fourth floor. Upon exiting the elevator, turn right and proceed as above.

I am usually in the office on Tuesdays and on Thursdays.