Partial List of Courses Taught at FSU

MAD 2104   Discrete Mathematics I
MAP 2302   Ordinary Differential Equations
MAC 2311   Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
MAC 2312   Calculus with Analytic Geometry II
MAC 2313   Calculus with Analytic Geometry III
MAD 3105   Discrete Mathematics II
MAS 3105   Applied Linear Algebra I
MAS 3301   Introduction to Modern Algebra
MGF 3301   Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
MAS 4106   Applied Linear Algebra II
MAS 4203   Theory of Numbers
MAA 4226/5306   Advanced Calculus I
MAA 4227/5307   Advanced Calculus II
MHF 4302/5306   Mathematical Logic
MAS 4302   Introduction to Abstract Algebra I
MAS 4303   Introduction to Abstract Algebra II
MAS 5307   Groups, Rings, and Vector Spaces I
MAS 5308   Groups, Rings, and Vector Spaces II
MAS 5311   Abstract Algebra I
MAS 5312   Abstract Algebra II
MAS 5331   Algebraic Structures I  (eg: Hopf Algebras I)
MAS 5332   Algebraic Structures II  (eg: Hopf Algebras II)
MAP 5601   Introduction to Financial Mathematics
MAP 5611   Introduction to Computational Finance
MAA 5616   Measure and Integration I
MAA 5617   Measure and Integration II
MAA 6416   Stochastic Calculus
MAP 6437   Current Topics in Financial Mathematics (The Projects Course)
MAP 6621   Financial Engineering I
MAS 6939   Advanced Seminar in Algebra
MAT 6939   Advanced Seminar in Financial Mathematics